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Bowles indicated they'd let the NFL handle any potential discipline. "You've got to wait and see what the league does first before we do anything," Bowles said. "So it's a legal matter now and we've got to wait our turn, see what happens and go from there." Asked about the circumstances surrounding the tunnel arrest, Bowles said, "That's not a good thing, that's not something we condone. We hope the people are all right in the other vehicle, but that's a pending legal matter." Donahue is subject to NFL discipline under the league's sub

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5 Incredible Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Dwi Attorney

While you are free to refuse a test, such a refusal is not without consequences. Perhaps you’ve even had a few too m ... I failed the DWP test, so it's over for me. REQUEST A FREE CONSULTATION NOW You thought a DWP in Harris County, Texas could never happen to you or someone close to you, but now you have suddenly realized you are in a situation that you never expected. A failed breath test or field sobriety test constitutes serious evidence against the driver who has been stopped on suspicion of drunk driving. Has the lawyer worked on other cases similar to yours? Immediately call us at 718-5

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