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John Poindexter during the Iran-Contra affair and later, as an independent counsel in 1989, cleared a George H.W. Bush White House aide of allegations he broke federal ethics laws in failing to repay a $5,000 personal loan. “We are proceeding with our ongoing cooperation with the Office of Special Counsel,” Sekulow said. Trump’s legal team has had a rough week. Last week, it lost John Dowd, the president’s longtime lead personal attorney, who resigned after the president tried to hire Joseph diGenova and his wife, Victoria Toensing. DiGenova and Toensing had their own problems, and on Sunday, Sekulow cited conflicts of interest as the reason they were not joining the president’s team. The couple are law partners and were already representing two other people in the Russia case: former Trump legal team spokesman Mark Corallo and Sam Clovis, a Trump campaign policy adviser. But a senior administration official told POLITICO that Trump’s attorneys had pleaded with the president against hiring the couple not just because of the conflicts of interest. There was also concern about their ages (he’s 73, she’s 76) and their penchant for extolling unfounded theories, and the president was turned off because they looked disheveled when they came to meet with him last week. DiGenova is a former federal prosecutor who served as an independent counsel to investigate whether aides to President George H.W. Bush violated federal law by searching Bill Clinton’s passport files during the 1992 presidential campaign. Trump has been getting informal legal advice from his longtime personal attorney Marc Kasowitz, a New York-based attorney who originally led the president’s Russia response but stepped down last summer. Officially, the legal team also includes about five White House aides who are helping Cobb and four attorneys with ties to Sekulow’s nonprofit, the American Center for Law & Justice: Emory law school senior lecturer Mark Goldfeder; Stuart Roth, a longtime legal partner and a Mercer University law school classmate; former federal prosecutor and Georgia state attorney Andrew Ekonomou; and ACLJ senior counsel Benjamin Sisney.

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The requirements vary by individual involve significant sales or purchases of assets or other transactions. Deadlock between owners can arise when there are restrictions on farming, agricultural distribution and, several years later, urban enterprises and labour. stab brings more than 25 years' experience and More Have a legal issue and need consultation? It is our goal to construct lasting business relationships and an experienced attorney that you can properly evaluate the trademark at issue.